Public fractal torrents

Clashcluster4logoI just started a new fractal group on a new torrent tracker, called, a new public tracker that combines social networking communities with torrents and videosharing. It allows users to upload material with Creative Commons license or any other type of content in private (protected with SSL) or public groups. The new tracker is made by the same people behind the very popular public torrent tracker site

Here’s the link to the group: focuses on the distribution of legal material, but if no content is found currently it also displays the search results from

If you like fractals, or have some fractal material and would like to help out with making a legal public collection of fractal content, or if you just would like to meet up with other people interested in fractals please sign up now and join the group. Signup is currently still free but there currently is a limit to the number of invitations, it’s likely you will need an invitation code for signups later so they can limit the flow of new members. Once signed up you can ofcourse send invitations to your friends. There isn’t much content up there yet, but things usually turn out that this changes rather quickly.

You can read more about the site and the current invitation limitations on this article on Torrentfreak, or read the BBC News article containing a video interview with Isohunt founder Gary Fung. Or see the announcement on Isohunt.

Links: (signup)