Bromande Animated Fractal Art

I have uploaded a new short 1080p video it’s an animation of a one of my new artworks. Because 1080p video streaming still doesn’t seem to go without stuttering for most machines, it’s best to download it first and view it from local HD. You need to watch it on YouTube (click YouTube logo) for HD, although for most machines the best playback quality seems to be from Vimeo.

Download (720p):

Here are the new images of the Bromande set, as you can see these are more abstract and a bit different from my previous work. They are also available in my webstore. Also these are the first batch of my work which are available in the largest print size possible 78″ x 52″ (2 mtr x 1,3 mtr).

Bromande Paintriver FlowBromande Decayfruit BirdBromande Saucerturtle 2Bromande Saucerturtle Blue 2Bromande Saucerturtle 1Bromande Saucerturtle Blue 1
Bromande Saucerturtle Blue 3Bromande Red NeondiscBromande MelonscreenBromande RasterlightBromande Green RoofBromande Evesheen
Colorific Knee 2Colorific Knee 1Bromande Green AttractionBromande Shock PortraitBromande Shock SensesBromande Sacred Rocks
Bromande MirrorBromande Lotuspond ViewBromande Lotuspond LeavesBromande Lotuspond ColoursBromande YellowburstBromande Dove Overview
Bromande Dove ViewBromande DoveBromande DoublicityBromande DiscmatterBromande Decayfruit WallBromande Decayfruit Wall Hanger
Bromande Decayfruit Wall DetailBromande Decayfruit SelectionBromande Decayfruit Object StudyBromande Decayfruit ObjectBromande Decayfruit GreensBromande Decayfruit Checker