Saquedon’s Fractallucid Screens

Saquedon’s Fractallucid Screens for windows, it’s a screensaver and desktop wallpaper package in one. You can simply place any currently displaying image in the screensaver on you desktop as wallpaper with one simple button (F2).

* Over 400 high resolution fractal art images
* Instantly use displayed image as desktop wallpaper (Press F2)
* Over 100 smooth transition effects
* User configurable effects
* Multimonitor support
* Low power usage (no full system load)
* Supports all Windows versions up to Windows 7

Current version Fractallucid Screens v2010.04.0
contains 400+ fractal art images.

Fractallucid Screens Free
(65 MB)
Only contains more compressed images in low resolution  of 640 x 480 pixels.
Fractallucid Screens HD (220 MB)
For just 5 Euro (6,15 US Dollar, check currencies) you get all the images in high resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.

The images contained in this screensaver are mathematical representations of fractal equations, made exclusively on computers. There is no sketching nor painting involved in the making of these images. Making fractal images requires a lot of processor power and fast computers. It can take from anywhere like 10 minutes up to many hours to make a single image, this is on top of the many hours of design.

Most of my images are made in very high resolution (up to 7800 x 5200 pixels), much higher than a desktop computer can display and take up a lot of HD space. Printsized images are suitable for high quality prints on very large canvas or posters, up to 52″ x 78″ (1,3 Mtr x 2 Mtr).

You can buy poster & canvas prints of the art in many countries, just select your own country or the country closest to you at the bottom of the page at:

This screensaver should work without any problems on all Windows versions, from Windows 9x up to Windows 7 with 32 bit aswell as 64 bit Windows versions. However the exact system requirements depend on your Windows version and display settings. The Free version should work well on any system, but for the HD version a system with a 1 Ghz CPU is recommended.

New updated versions with new content will be available for download from time to time, so be sure to check here (press F1 in screensaver) for new a version every other month if you want to enjoy all the latest images.

Verify Downloads
Fractallucid Screens Free v2010.04.0  –  CRC: DA212EEF  –  MD5: 0b194088cde364e05c1f7a039ff78fab
Fractallucid Screens HD v2010.04.0 – CRC: BACBC860  – MD5:  f7c1600725a69c5ed30b4437b341b629


Feel free to leave a comment if you like Fractallucid Screens.


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