If you would just like to hear some of the Ambient music i play,
you can try the playlist on
my page:

About the album “Fractalus”

An experiment in ambient/fractal/computer compositions.

Nr. Time – Name
__  ____  ____________
01. 4:59 – Cellube
02. 5:04 – Qar 16110197
03. 4:56 – Lau 19301296
04. 4:54 – Ral 21070197
05. 5:32 – Suo 19080197
06. 5:05 – Nic 03090597
07. 7:14 – Tan 19130197

All sessions initiated and recorded by Saquedon.

All tracks are excerpts of live computer compositions recorded
at the peak of the composition,
One of the main aims was to make compositions reflecting the
ambience of a particular place and point in time,
something that worked out fairly well in my opinion.
All tracks recorded in 1997 and remastered at a later date.

Download & Links:

Please visit my MySpace page to listen to my music and read more about my music:

If you care to read more about the album please read my MySpace blog for some more details and also a more elaborate description on how the music was made.

You can now download the album ‘Fractalus’ for free.

The music as is, can be downloaded and used completely free for noncommercial purposes (use it for anything just as long as you don’t charge any money for it), but if you use my music in websites or videos please provide a link to one of my webpages (MySpace preferred), for commercial purposes please contact me first.

If you like my work an would like to hear more
please consider making a donation to my PayPal:


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