Fractal Software

You can visit the links here to see an overview of most fractal software:

While i try to write a comprehensive links page and do reviews here aswell.
I will also try to put up all the software available for download via BitTorrent aswell,
if you like to help out with that please
join the fractal group on

Recommended Windows fractal software:

For beginners & advanced users:
Ultra Fractal – Price from $ 69 or € 49, the program with the most options of all.
XaoS – Free, A great program to start exploring fractals.
ChaosPro – Free, Very good program, very similar to Ultra Fractal with almost as many options.
Chaoscope – Free, Great program for exploring flame fractals.

For advanced users:
Apophysis – Free, A very widely used program for flame fractals, but nothing user-friendly about it.
Fractint – Free, The oldest and still a great program for exploring fractals, based on MS-DOS software.
Incendia – Free, can create great 3D fractal images, but also has an almost incomprehensible user interface.
(make sure you enable Antialiasing on your videocard to stop the terrible flickering in Incendia).

For Fun:
ElectricSheep – Free, Screensaver downloads and displays flame fractal movies in exchange for CPU rendertime.
GLfract II – Free, Play around with realtime 3D fractals on your GPU.
Qjulia – Free, Play around with realtime raytraced Julia Quaternions (get the PS2.0 version for older GPU’s).
GPU Flame 4 – Free, Render Apophysis flame files realtime on your GPU (needs examples).

Other Links:
Fractalforums – A nice forum dedicated to fractals. A very good comprehensive guide to fractals.



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