Bromande Animated Fractal Art

I have uploaded a new short 1080p video it’s an animation of a one of my new artworks. Because 1080p video streaming still doesn’t seem to go without stuttering for most machines, it’s best to download it first and view it from local HD. You need to watch it on YouTube (click YouTube logo) for HD, although for most machines the best playback quality seems to be from Vimeo.

Download (720p):

Here are the new images of the Bromande set, as you can see these are more abstract and a bit different from my previous work. They are also available in my webstore. Also these are the first batch of my work which are available in the largest print size possible 78″ x 52″ (2 mtr x 1,3 mtr).

Bromande Paintriver FlowBromande Decayfruit BirdBromande Saucerturtle 2Bromande Saucerturtle Blue 2Bromande Saucerturtle 1Bromande Saucerturtle Blue 1
Bromande Saucerturtle Blue 3Bromande Red NeondiscBromande MelonscreenBromande RasterlightBromande Green RoofBromande Evesheen
Colorific Knee 2Colorific Knee 1Bromande Green AttractionBromande Shock PortraitBromande Shock SensesBromande Sacred Rocks
Bromande MirrorBromande Lotuspond ViewBromande Lotuspond LeavesBromande Lotuspond ColoursBromande YellowburstBromande Dove Overview
Bromande Dove ViewBromande DoveBromande DoublicityBromande DiscmatterBromande Decayfruit WallBromande Decayfruit Wall Hanger
Bromande Decayfruit Wall DetailBromande Decayfruit SelectionBromande Decayfruit Object StudyBromande Decayfruit ObjectBromande Decayfruit GreensBromande Decayfruit Checker



Cells Go Fractal

An article was published in the scientific magazine “Nature” called “Cells go fractal” on September 4th. The article reported on the findings of research done at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) as it was published at the ‘2009 European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) conference’ held in Amsterdam.

Experiments done by Sebastien Huet and Aurélien Bancaud in a research group led by Jan Ellenberg at the EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany, tracked the movement of molecules within cells, this was then compared the pattern of movement against mathematical models. It was found that, large molecules moved according to the same rules as small molecules, suggesting that their environment was therefor fractal.

The researches were able to track the behaviour of the cells by means of injecting live mouse cells in a lab dish with fluorescent molecules. They were able to track the molecules with this special type of imaging in microbiology called fluorescence microsopy. The study focused on how cells can keep track of gene activity or gene expression through chromatins in the cell nucleus.  Basically this process takes place to ensure the right molecules interact with each other at the right time and in the right place in the cells. Huet and Bancaud found that the molecules moved as if they were having to navigate obstacles (but there are no barriers, as they exist in other parts of the cell) to navigate around in the cell nucleus. When the team looked at the behaviour of different sized molecules, they saw that large molecules were obstructed to the same degree as small molecules in the cell nucleus.


A cell displays chromatin (green) and a molecule used for tracking (red).It was furthermore discovered by studying how proteins, bound to different kinds of chromatin (namely Euchromatin and Heterochromatin), moved around in the cells and found that the different types of chromatin were fractal in different ways. Meaning molecules behaved differently for each type of chromatin with its own distinct fractal characteristics. All this information could be used to learn exactly how cells use a fractal structure to change the behaviour of proteins to change particular DNA sequences and skip whole other parts of the DNA sequence. It’s also expected that with insight into these fractal structures researches can learn how to better target certain areas of DNA for study or perhaps in the future even for new types of treatment for disease.



Public fractal torrents

Clashcluster4logoI just started a new fractal group on a new torrent tracker, called, a new public tracker that combines social networking communities with torrents and videosharing. It allows users to upload material with Creative Commons license or any other type of content in private (protected with SSL) or public groups. The new tracker is made by the same people behind the very popular public torrent tracker site

Here’s the link to the group: focuses on the distribution of legal material, but if no content is found currently it also displays the search results from

If you like fractals, or have some fractal material and would like to help out with making a legal public collection of fractal content, or if you just would like to meet up with other people interested in fractals please sign up now and join the group. Signup is currently still free but there currently is a limit to the number of invitations, it’s likely you will need an invitation code for signups later so they can limit the flow of new members. Once signed up you can ofcourse send invitations to your friends. There isn’t much content up there yet, but things usually turn out that this changes rather quickly.

You can read more about the site and the current invitation limitations on this article on Torrentfreak, or read the BBC News article containing a video interview with Isohunt founder Gary Fung. Or see the announcement on Isohunt.

Links: (signup)

Fractal Antennas & Fractal Metamaterials

Fractal Antenna Systems Inc., recently have made some advances in their work relating to fractal antennas and their other related project called Metacloak. Fractal antennas have been around for a while now and as the technology is being implemented it is starting to have a big effect on modern communication technology including mobile phones. Fractal antennas help reduce the scale of communication & broadcasting equipment, not in the least antennas themselves, and also make it possible to have large data rates. You can read more general info about fractal antennas on Wikipedia.

Fractal Metamaterials

Another technology that is revolutionizing all of our current technology is nanotechnology, which is basically making it possible to manufacture certain parts & machines on a molecular level. Now by combining the recent developments in nanotechnology with their own fractal antenna technology, Fractal Antenna Systems have been making something which they call “Fractal Metamaterials”. Which is, from what i gather, basically sheets of multilayered nano scale fractal antenna’s. So by producing fractal antennas on a nano scale and layering them, you get a material that (when combined with certain other electronic technology) enables you to do some amazing things.


One such amazing thing is invisibility, yes by using the technology for fractal metamaterials, Fractal Antenna Systems is currently developing active invisibility cloaks for the military under the name of Metacloak. Although currently the technology only works to hide very small objects (of a few centimeters) and not for the complete spectrum of visible light, just a portion of it. It does show that the technology can also be used to hide radar signatures of objects, aswell as visible light (eventually). Recently Metacloak have made some improvements to the technology which enables them to actively turn the cloak on/off when needed. You can read about it in this Reuters news article about their new patent for Invisibilty On/Off ‘Cloak-On-Command’. You can also see more about the technology in the first episode of the History Channel TV series “That’s Impossible” which is dedicated to invisibility technologies.

Watch the complete episode in playlist on Youtube

Another company currently working on implementing fractal antenna technology in products (hopefully for more peacefull needs than the above company) is a company called Fractus.

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Fractal Design computer products

There is a new company in town that goes by the name of “Fractal Design“, which of course has very little to do with fractals but everything with clever marketing. Recently fractals are “hot” again, largely because there have been some more innovations in using fractal concepts in new research and design, all of which has resulted in the word “fractal” being injected into the news-streams and therefor into the eye of the public.

Although the products of “Fractal Design” do look well designed and affordable there is nothing much fractal going on other than the name. The company seems to be specializing in silent computer cases and related products for silencing PC noise (as used in home theater & media pc’s).

Fractal Design Painter

By the way don’t get the new company mixed up with the old Fractal Design company, there used to be a company called “Fractal Design Corporation” in the 1990’s, which was famous for a program called “Fractal Design Painter“. A program which was remarkable by it’s use of photobrushes with which one could paint. The company later merged into “Metacreations” and the software then became “Metacreations Painter“. And later this company in turn was sold, this time to the “Corel Corporation, which still sells the software as “Corel Painter“. There were eventually three different versions of the software, namely “Painter”, “Painter 3D” and “Painter Classic”.

All companies except Corel are now gone, but they all were pretty famous in the world of computer graphics and design. Corel currently still is quite well known, mostly for their “CorelDraw Graphics Suite” software. In my opinion Corel software is still definitely some of the most user-friendly and creative graphics software out there, as much as the software from all the above mentioned companies were.

Links: (Corel Painter) (CorelDraw Graphics suite)