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Finally my art is available for purchase in affordable high quality posters and even on real canvas. You can customize the size and quality of the print according to your own budget. And what’s even better you can order online in various languages in a country near you, thus saving on postal costs. All this should mean that anyone can afford to buy some of my original artwork on Zazzle.

I would recommend a higher quality paper for the prints than standard poster print if you can afford it. And if you are looking for something at the quality of traditional art, like paintings, you should buy a print on canvas, which are a lot more expensive but will still be a lot cheaper than traditional art.

Current print sizes range from 16″ x 11″ (40 cm  x 30 cm) to 52″ x 35″ (130 cm x 90 cm). Later i will be adding and updating the artworks to include a printsize of 78″ x 52 ” (2 mtr x 1,3 mtr). The current artworks are very high resolution images of 4096 pixels x 2730 pixels (12 MegaPixel) and the coming largest printsizes will be in an incredible 7800 pixels x 5200 pixels (40 MegaPixel) resolution.

I recommend browsing and viewing my art on my Flickr page (see bottom) and then locate the art you want to buy in my Zazzle store. But please keep in mind the Flickr images contain much larger logos than the original prints.

Buying my art is easy:
Just visit my store on Zazzle, find and select your favorite piece then
choose a size, select a print medium, choose if you want it framed.
Now add it to your cart and you can then finalize order and pay,
prints will be made in 24 hours.

You can visit my store here:

To order in a country near you can just scroll down to the bottom of the store web page and click on a flag, once you are on the correct country just add “/saquedon” to the link to see my store in your language.

I will be continuously adding new artworks to the store, you can see all my current work on my Flickr page first. On my Flickr page my art will be available in higher resolution preview/desktop wallpaper quality and uploaded first. If you see something on my Flickr page you wish to buy but is not available in the store yet, feel free to ask me to add it to the store. My email: [myname]

My Flickr page:

Overview page (image sets):

I will be adding many (yes many) more artworks soon, so keep checking in.
Happy artshopping, even if you don’t buy there should be plenty of fun in just looking.

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