Fractuality is maintained by Saquedon – Fractal Artist, Musician & Animator.

Ambient Music

Saquedon is basically a name for the fractal ambient music experiments i did around 1997, which i have collected in the album name “Fractalus“, which i have never released until 2008. Back then, there wasn’t anybody really interested in this kind of thing, so i played the music for myself. Since Ambient music is somewhat more popular and people are interested in doing more with other types of composition, i thought it would be nice to start spreading it.


The name Saquedon i came up with several years earlier and used it on one house/dance track which is totally not related to this. I thought the name was better suited for Ambient music, so i decided to reuse it for all my fractal work. Since my art come as much from mathematics as it comes from me, i find a personal identity for my work out-of-place. I am quite happy if you call me Saquedon.

Current Projects

I am currently working on putting various content of other projects of mine online and hopefully i can make some of it available for purchase. Things i think that will be nice for people to buy are posters and perhaps a DVD or digital content fro download. But i don’t really like the current available outlets since they tend to have very high prices, so i’ll have to try and setup something myself. In the mean time if you like my fractal images you can get them for most onscreen purposes (like desktop wallpaper) for free from Flickr. Also i am working on some new music of a different nature, i don’t have any plans of yet to do more experiments with fractal music, since the software just ain’t there (programmers can contact me!). But i do hope to have some more Ambient music online under a different name.

Recently i mostly have been busy making new fractal art images and also have been doing some animations but since this requires so much more computing power not that much.

Official Link:

Note: this is the only website from me with the name “Fractuality”,

there are some other websites that use the same name on the web,
but those sites have got nothing to do with me (Saquedon) or this blog.

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