Fractal Design computer products

There is a new company in town that goes by the name of “Fractal Design“, which of course has very little to do with fractals but everything with clever marketing. Recently fractals are “hot” again, largely because there have been some more innovations in using fractal concepts in new research and design, all of which has resulted in the word “fractal” being injected into the news-streams and therefor into the eye of the public.

Although the products of “Fractal Design” do look well designed and affordable there is nothing much fractal going on other than the name. The company seems to be specializing in silent computer cases and related products for silencing PC noise (as used in home theater & media pc’s).

Fractal Design Painter

By the way don’t get the new company mixed up with the old Fractal Design company, there used to be a company called “Fractal Design Corporation” in the 1990’s, which was famous for a program called “Fractal Design Painter“. A program which was remarkable by it’s use of photobrushes with which one could paint. The company later merged into “Metacreations” and the software then became “Metacreations Painter“. And later this company in turn was sold, this time to the “Corel Corporation, which still sells the software as “Corel Painter“. There were eventually three different versions of the software, namely “Painter”, “Painter 3D” and “Painter Classic”.

All companies except Corel are now gone, but they all were pretty famous in the world of computer graphics and design. Corel currently still is quite well known, mostly for their “CorelDraw Graphics Suite” software. In my opinion Corel software is still definitely some of the most user-friendly and creative graphics software out there, as much as the software from all the above mentioned companies were.

Links: (Corel Painter) (CorelDraw Graphics suite)


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