Fractal Antennas & Fractal Metamaterials

Fractal Antenna Systems Inc., recently have made some advances in their work relating to fractal antennas and their other related project called Metacloak. Fractal antennas have been around for a while now and as the technology is being implemented it is starting to have a big effect on modern communication technology including mobile phones. Fractal antennas help reduce the scale of communication & broadcasting equipment, not in the least antennas themselves, and also make it possible to have large data rates. You can read more general info about fractal antennas on Wikipedia.

Fractal Metamaterials

Another technology that is revolutionizing all of our current technology is nanotechnology, which is basically making it possible to manufacture certain parts & machines on a molecular level. Now by combining the recent developments in nanotechnology with their own fractal antenna technology, Fractal Antenna Systems have been making something which they call “Fractal Metamaterials”. Which is, from what i gather, basically sheets of multilayered nano scale fractal antenna’s. So by producing fractal antennas on a nano scale and layering them, you get a material that (when combined with certain other electronic technology) enables you to do some amazing things.


One such amazing thing is invisibility, yes by using the technology for fractal metamaterials, Fractal Antenna Systems is currently developing active invisibility cloaks for the military under the name of Metacloak. Although currently the technology only works to hide very small objects (of a few centimeters) and not for the complete spectrum of visible light, just a portion of it. It does show that the technology can also be used to hide radar signatures of objects, aswell as visible light (eventually). Recently Metacloak have made some improvements to the technology which enables them to actively turn the cloak on/off when needed. You can read about it in this Reuters news article about their new patent for Invisibilty On/Off ‘Cloak-On-Command’. You can also see more about the technology in the first episode of the History Channel TV series “That’s Impossible” which is dedicated to invisibility technologies.

Watch the complete episode in playlist on Youtube

Another company currently working on implementing fractal antenna technology in products (hopefully for more peacefull needs than the above company) is a company called Fractus.

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One Response to “Fractal Antennas & Fractal Metamaterials”

  1. teamfresh Says:

    thats some pretty amazing use for fractals! I heard about this “invisibility cloak” but had no idea that fractals were behind it! I should have guessed, fractals are behind everything.

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